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ôOpen Source Business Modelsö Part 1: Bob Young, Matt Asay and David Ascher.
The morning session begins with the former head of Red Hat, Bob Young. He talks about his past successes, his focus on customer needs, and the irony of succeeding with the `doomed` model of selling free software.

Representing Novell, Asay presents a case for both source models. He distinguishes between choice and meaningful choice. He then makes the case that meaningful choice leads to more value for the customer, and a better product for the vendor.

Ascher highlights some of the lessons learned from ActiveState, a company providing support and development tools for Open Source languages such as perl and python. He highlights the importance of working with the community and the reasons why mixed source may work best in some contexts.
Day 2, Morning Session:
1/1/2001 3258 views