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ôTechnical Side of Open Sourceö Part 1: Paul Buck, Jim Herbsleb and Brent Gorda.
Buck addresses the organizational demands of working with Eclipse, one of IBM`s major Open Source projects. He notes that the community has become increasingly useful for bug tracking and feature requests. He discusses the life cycle of a version from decompression, through rollout to finishing.

Carnegie Mellon professor Herbsleb elaborates on a number of reasons where and why Open Source is more useful than proprietary models. A key feature underpinning is argument is that the user and the developer are often the same person.

Gorda from the U.S. Department of Energy notes the unique demands of developing Open Source applications for a specialized audience, namely high performance computing. He makes the novel case that Open Source is useful to jump start companies who will sell proprietary software back to the DOE.
Day 2, Afternoon Session:
1/1/2001 3237 views