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What can STS learn from design?
Patrick Feng
100) What is a designer? If you have a designer as a legislator, who are the lobbyists? 102) Would developers whom are users of their products be considered designers? 103) Kate Milberry: In what way is the 3rd challenge, blurring the line between designers and users, a challenge? 104) Michael Desjardins Why are designers not included in the discussion? 105) Andrew Clement: Is the design of "infrastructures" any messier than the design of "devices"? 106) Andrew Clement What values need to be given prominence? 107) Rafael Pascual-Leone How appropriate is the metaphor between technological and biological diversity? 108) Karen Smith Do you have comments on the legitimacy of STS scholars within design communities? 109) Matt Ratto Does the separation between technical details and principles create the problem which Karen mentioned? 110) Gale Moore Is part of the work of STS to talk about invisible concerns? 111) Peter Coppin When defining "designer", it helps to distinguish between the noun and the verb. 112) Lysanne Lessard Should the STS insight be about designing the design space? 113) Bill Leeming: Most of the discussion is around the design space, but the design process needs to be fleshed out more. 114) Michael Desjardins Should we change design school education?
5/11/2010 378 views