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"Education and Public Knowledge: Open Access, Open ContentöPart 1: Neeru Paharia, Jesse Hirsch and Derek Keats.
One of the cornerstones of Open Source development is the licence used. Its a reaction to the assumption of copyright. The Creative Commons takes this one step further by providing a general legal framework for free and fair use. Paharia explains the Creative Commons license and its continuing success.

Hirsh from Openflows gives a casual talk on the need for Open Source literacy, and general computer literacy. He posits freedom as something one takes rather than something one is given and presents the difference between brute force and community computing.

Keats answers two huge questions in this bright presentation: (1)How will the creation of a public knowledge commons influence African Society and (2) How can we facilitate the growth of Open Source materials in Africa. He concludes with the AVOIR project.
Day 3, Morning Session
1/1/2001 3259 views